A strategic sector

Spanish Equipment and Technology for Textiles

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 75
Number of export companies
Direct employment
Turnover (Thousands €)
Turnover (% GDP)
Exports (Thousands €)

Includes the following industries

Spinning, Winding Machinery and accessories.
Weaving Machinery and accessories.
Knitting Machinery and accessories.
Finishing, Digital Printing Machinery and accessories.

Evolution of the Spanish exports

(10 main export destinations)

Main tendencies within the Spanish industry landscape

Energy efficiency and sustainability.

The sector investment is concentrated in achieving machines with greater energy efficiency. The sector is also focused on finding sustainable solutions, reducing CO2, and reducing water consumption.

Automation of machines and processes.

Automation of machines and processes. The evolution in machinery connectivity leads the Spanish sector to advance towards the goal of achieving Smart Factories.

New materials.

The Spanish textile sector is living an important change due to the use of new materials. This leads to innovation in technology for the use of recyclable materials and technical textiles and, on the other hand, it boosts the development of Smart Textiles.

Main competitive advantages of Spanish companies

Latest technology showcase.
Innovation & efficiency at its highest performance.
Customer connection like no one else does.
Tailored solutions for each project.
One of the best technical services in Europe.

Solutions tailored to the needs of the customer, the close and personalized treatment, together with the latest technology showcase, make the Spanish companies the ideal supplier. Also highlight the high degree of internationalization of these companies.

Why should you cooperate with a Spanish company ?

Spanish textile technology manufacturers are super internationalized: they are used to working for very diverse clients, putting their flexibility to the test.

Spanish companies take care of their high standard supply chain, pampering the different collaborations for textile manufacturing. Textile purchasing trends vary as our environment is doing, therefore having a strong partner that will always have your back and disposed to update your manufacturing process is essential.  

Moreover, collaborating with a Spanish textile technology manufacturer means partnering with a CEMATEX member company, certified as a European high standard company.

Good partners create a high added value proposition for the customer, this is the reason why collaborating with highly experienced companies as Spanish are, is the key to success. As textile is a traditional industry in Spain, our companies know how to strive within all types of context and bring value to their partners.

Main values of the companies

Spanish companies transmit great confidence to consumers thanks to their long experience in the international market. Likewise, the passion of Spanish entrepreneurs generates a great customer relationship.

In addition, Spanish companies have their own design and development departments, which allows them to manufacture high quality machinery that makes the textile manufacturing process adjust to the sustainability demands of the market, reducing water and CO2 emissions.

We can highlight world leading companies in practically each of the types of solutions in the sector.

Innovative companies that stand out for their solutions focused on performance control, maintenance advanced prevention and product outcome measurement. Companies prepared for the digital era, offering VR technical services and tailored communication with their clients.