ADRASA manufactures chemical products for the textile sector, with respect for the planet and safety for people.

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Aracne offers technological solutions with sustainability in mind through predictive and reactive solutions to help reduce global textile waste.

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Barcelonesa Group manufactures additives for the textile industry. They offer wide range of raw materials highlighting their range of surfactants.

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BLUEREED manufacture flat loom tines and preparation machines with 60 years of experience. in the textile sector

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CANMARTEX designs and manufactures large-diameter circular knitting machines with the experience of Jumberca technology

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CLEVLINE-IMASD manufactures machinery for the mattress sector with specialization in cutting and sewing machines of padded panels.

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COMSAT manufacture machinery for weaving preparation such as direct and sectional warpers, creels, fabric inspection machines and batching motions

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EAS is a company specialized in ERP & MES software development, machinery automation, and dosing solutions. Their target is to automate weaving, dyeing, and finishing processes in textile mills.

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ELECTRO-JET manufactures machinery for the textile industry. ELECTRO-JET main products are: travelling cleaners, roving frames, bobbins and automatic cone transport systems, as well as palletizing and packing systems.

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FONTANET-RITEX designs, manufactures and commercializes machinery for textile finishing. The company also has a full after-sales service, which technically advises their customers to find the best solution to their needs.

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GALAN is a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of spinning, twisting and winding machinery for all types of natural and synthetic fibers.

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GUIRBAU designs and provides complete, sustainable and innovative laundry solutions.

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GOMPLAST is dedicated to roller coverings with rubber and polyurethane, supplying both original equipment manufacturers and end consumers of the main industrial sectors.

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HETEX is dedicated to the manufacture of arcade thread and other applications.

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ICOMATEX manufactures stenters, relax dryers, coating lines, steamers, polymerizers, vacuum units and continuous bleaching and washing lines.

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INEDIT offers software solutions for digital printing, creative design and color management for the textile and decorative industries. Their software solutions ensure designers, decorators, printers, clients and commercial executives all speak the same language.

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Speciality in Jacquard Harness. Sales of accessories for textile machinery.

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JAUME ANGLADA VIÑAS is a manufacturer of textile washer, dryer and finishing machines. The company offers top-quality, energy-efficient, highly competitive products that permit cost reductions.

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JEANOLOGIA is the world leader in sustainable and efficient technologies for the garment finishing industry. JEANOLOGIA provides equipment and consulting services, aiming to create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient textile & apparel industry.

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JORGE SEMPERE offers services for the woven fabrics industry, from all types of services and replacements of Jacquard and loom machines to the production of Jacquard harness and Jacquard spare parts. Sale and purchase of new and second hand textile machinery and its accesories. Textil engineering and development.

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KERAJET produces digital printing machines for ceramic and textile, tableware and other sectors. Their digital printing machines for textiles are the most advanced and versatile on the market, offering a more efficient and competent production process.

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MACSA ID is a manufacturer of laser technology for textile finishing garments to give their denim, leather and other fabrics the very latest look in fashion design.

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Rubber laminate factory for roller lining. Manufactured 100% in Spain, including the rubber mixing process to achieve the appropriate benefits for each type of machine. We offer the best Grip.

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MARGASA manufactures complete recycling lines, with rag tearing machines which include the latest technologies in the recycling field. It also produces complete non-woven lines by means of the Airlay system using low melt fibers or resins to produce thermal and acoustic insulations.

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MASIAS develops technologies for the treatment of fibers in the textile sector, exclusively dedicated to manufacturing equipment and implementing textile production lines designed to provide the best possible solutions for the treatment and filling of all types of fibers.

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J. PICH manufactures machines for washing, bleaching, continuous and discontinuous dyeing, vacuum equipment, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, lined, opening, and coated rollers for the textile industry.

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At NUREL we currently have two cutting-edge nylon spinning plants and outstanding draw-warping facilities that enable us to offer a range of products for lingerie, swimwear, sports and various technical applications which are unique in the market and able to meet most demanding customer’s expectations.

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OPTRON INGENIERIA is specialist in the manufacturing of textile machinery for the production of high-quality quilted materials thanks to their different range of products.

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PENELOPE develops and commercializes graphic software for textile design and its integration into the commercial, production and management processes of the client, thereby obtaining important time and cost savings.

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PICVISA is a specialized supplier in the design, manufacture and supply of optical sorting equipment for the classification of materials, recovery and valuation of waste.

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PINTER GROUP is dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for slubs, core yarns and monitoring systems.

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RATERA develops an important research and technological development task in the braiding industry and its complementary machines.

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RIUS-COMATEX manufactures a wide range of textile machines: machines for 3D fabrics, cutting and folding units for non-woven fabrics and for medical compresses with built-in sewing systems, warp circular knitting machines for fruit packaging in mesh and winding machinery lines, among others.

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TACOME is a textile machinery manufacturer specialized in printing and finishing. Today, it has the most advanced technology and installations for both multi pass and single pass digital printing.

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TEXMA manufactures knitting machines, including warping machines and creels, beams and looms, as well as auxiliary machinery.

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TVE ESCALE manufactures machinery for the textile wet finishing industry, developing our own bespoke systems to optimize processes.

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TWISTECHNOLOGY is specialized in the design and construction of twisting and impregnation machines. TWISTECHNOLOGY uses its own technology and patents, achieving a more efficient, versatile and economic production process.

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Macsa ID provides their clients with solutions regarding their coding, identification and traceability needs. They combine different technologies such as hardware and software, services, consumables and spare parts for companies in sectors such as the food and beverage or the cosmetics industries.


IBERLASER manufactures laser machines. The company has been an innovation leader in laser cutting and engraving for over 15 years. Their machines have multiple applications in different sectors


ALFREDO LLIMONA is a manufacturer of cleaning and technical brushes. The company has developed a specific brush line for the textile industry.


ASUTEX manufactures products oriented towards continuous fabric preparation and dyeing, for textile printing and ready-made garment dyeing.

COLL-LORAS (Cosmotex)

COSMOTEX manufactures industrial washing machines, dyeing machines, hydroextractors for garment finishes, dryers, textile screen printing machines, spreading machines for cutting rooms and automatic ironing machines for knitwear.


Established in 2017, Vixion exists to create a world where we can talk to machines by using Big Data technologies to build platforms, services and advanced Applications for manufacturers and machine owners.


AUXICOLOR is a manufacturer of pigments, dyes and other chemicals for the manufacture of textile products


DILUBE is a manufacturer of lubricants and chemical specialties, with more than 75 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of chemical products.


MATEU EXPORT commercializes accessories and spare parts for control systems for the textile industry.


Our non-stick coatings are widely used in many metal parts in the textile sector such as rollers, rubber feeders, RAM tensioning needles, scrapers, filters, stirrers, inking machines, jigger baskets, glue pumps and dryers among others.


OTEMAN develops computer applications for the textile industry. Tissue pavers, cradle feed pavers, automatic tissue cutters, continuous band saw, roll cutters, design and pattern systems.


INDUSTRIAL SAGARRA manufactures cardboard tubes for open-end cotton spinning and for spinning synthetic fibers POY, FDY, DTY, etc. (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene).


TENYCOL was founded in 1971 and since then its activity has been the development and application of products for the textile industry.


LAIEX is an international chemical company specialized in water-based polymerization; manufacturers of base raw materials: acrylic, vinyl, and violet polymers, thermoformed styrene-butadiene latexes and their compounds.


ESQUIM manufactures and commercializes high quality silicone-based chemical products and additives for the industry.