Masias Maquinaria is a company with over 75 years of experience in developing technologies for the treatment of fibers in the textile sector, exclusively dedicated to manufacturing equipment and implementing textile production lines designed to provide the best possible solutions for the treatment and filling of all types of fibers, so that they can assist their clients in improving and enhancing their production systems.

Masias Maquinaria’s DNA is based on innovation and the search for the most appropriate solutions for each client. These synergies have enabled them to become experts in delivering turnkey projects in industry sectors such as comfort fabric, non-woven fabric, production waste recycling, and in recent years, in the production of fillings for the garment sector.

MASIAS MAQUINARIA: Advanced fiber process technologies

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MASIAS MAQUINARIA is one of the most innovative companies within the Spanish Solutions for Textiles sector. We have selected them to present how they are running a textile factory to better understand the needs of their clients, through an interesting video that you can watch in our Case Study section.

Case studies



Main innovation
Design, manufacture, install and operate a complete textile factory.
Demand covered or opportunity created
MASIAS main goal was to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own machines to be able to provide efficient machines and enhance their client's experience.
Innovation process
They worked 1 year in several technological layouts, business and financial plans. They completed the process from the beginning to the end: from design, build and start the machines to run a textile factory.
The company hired around 80 people and the amount of the investment was approximately 10 million euros.
The company can talk about fibers, fabrics, yarns, packaging, machinery, operation and efficiency, among others. This wide knowledge has strengthened their relationship with clients.
The future innovations and challenges will be related to the use of biodegradable materials.


MASIAS MAQUINARIA designs and manufactures equipment and solutions for the treatment of all types of fibres, and fibres fillings; helping their clients to improve and optimize their production systems.