Electronic Raschel machine for 3D fabrics (spacer), Rib circular knitting machines for 3D fabrics (spacer), cutting and folding units for non-woven fabrics, cutting and folding units for medical compresses with built-in sewing system, new version of warp circular knitting machines for fruit packaging in mesh, new winding machinery line. 

More than 75 years have passed since the company began as manufacturer of textile machinery, and they are very proud of having transmitted, generation to generation, our most esteemed values and their business and familiar tradition. Their broad experience has been our best tool to face the current relations of global character and to keep a close character with all their customers and collaborators.

They  have been able to create an agency network of 85 representatives companies working in the most of worldwide countries, transmitting to all of them the values to offer a closer and exigent service to all our customers. The inherent quality in all their products and their active international participation, allows them to figure among the first 100 Spanish companies manufacturing capital goods, with a higher export volume.

«We focus on renewable energy, to contribute to a more sustainable environment.»

Adaptation, acceptance and incorporation of cultural diversity into our products, a fact that has resulted in our machinery achieving a permanent presence in over 100 countries, adding to our products and processes our more than 50 years of exporting experience.

Process of continuous innovation and improvement in new machinery lines and applications, applying technical advances and increasing productivity and versatility in our line of machinery.