EAS is a company with 30 years’ experience in textile industry automation. This company is exclusively specialized in 3 areas: ERP & MES software developmentmachinery automation, and dosing solutions. Their target is to automate weaving, dyeing, and finishing processes in textile mills, while offering the best personalized solutions to reduce costs, increase performance, and contribute to a sustainable production.  

EAS is focused on the development and implementation of tools based on predictive analytics, efficiency, traceability control, and R&D to help textile companies to produce more and better. Their knowledge and expertise help all size textile companies to take a leap towards industry 4.0.  Among their solutions we can find:

  • Software ERP & MES to manage the whole mill form a single control point
  • Automation systems for jets, stenters, autoclaves, jiggers, and other machinery.  
  • Dosing systems engineered by EAS to load, prepare, and dispense chemical products.  

EAS is a worldwide company with headquarters in Barcelona providing service to Europe, Asia, and Africa. It also has subsidiaries in Brazil and Peru establishing a reference point for Latin America and North America and becoming a top partner for textile industry in Brasil.  

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