FONTANET-RITEX S.A. is a pioneer in the manufacture of finished textile machinery which was founded in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 1919. They are currently developing the production in their new center in Castellar del Vallés.

Dedicated to the construction of machinery for textile finishing, makes the whole process from creation and design to production and marketing. They also offer a post -sale service. Due to their long experience in the sector, they offer maximum quality, high-performance machinery with mechanical simplicity and easy handling.

International presence:

FONTANET machinery has been established in the international markets since 1956 and most of their production is going to these markets.


At present, their design team is carrying out the main technological innovations in the field of printing and laminating. We would highlight the improvements achieved in machinery addressed at the sectors of home, fashion, sportswear and advertising with machines of a useful width from 2,000 to 5,000 mm.