Kerajet offers advanced digital printing technologies. Its condition of being the firts  one to implement a revolutionary manner of decoration in ceramic industry through digital printing known worlwide as Inkjet (drop on demand). Thus KERAjet has become an absolute reference in cutting edge technologies in the field of digital printing, exported and adapted to numbers of industrial sectors and activities.

KERAjet conceives and develops its own mechanical, electrical and electronical technologies to produce its industriel digital printing equipments, completly adapted to our customers requirments as well as the market demands of innovation and creativity.

The Inkjet technology has meant a great jump from analogical decoration system (serigraphy, flexography,engraved hollow, etc…) to the digitalisation of those processes in other sectors a part from ceramic , such as textilwoodplastic,glass,metal, etc. which has supposed a significant increase in competitivity, by offering products with greater added value,meanwhile reducing costs of production and logistics. 

KERAjet has intensively bet on and invested in investigation, development and innovationas part of its ADN and mainstay of its business strategy, ensuring its growth and positioning as a leadership and reference company in the digital printing field.

The solutions implemented by KERAjet contribute to upgrade the production processes to this new digital era, with important simplification of production processes and major gain in competitivity, innovation and creativity.

With a team of more than 200 persons, highly qualified and deeply involved with our business vision and projection, and our facilities over 45.000 square meters, our company is structured in several departments wisely interconnected, such as Administration,Software, Ease of use, Elecrical and Mechanical Engineering, Graphical Design,Technical Assistance, etc…we nowadays export about 85% of our production, with more than 3800 machines sold and commisioned worldwide, in more than 44 countries.

KERAjet: Printers always working!

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KERAjet is revolutionizing the textile printing industry. Discover how they innovate and managed to come up with products with reduced consumption of water, energy consumption and costs through an interesting video that you can watch in our Case Study section.

Case studies



Main innovation
Use their know-how in the digital printing world (specially oriented to the ceramics sector) to enter the textile industry.
Demand covered or opportunity created
KERAJET studied the textile industry for more than 4 years and detected there was a growing demand in technology adapted to the digital change.
Innovation process
The innovation process took 4 years and involved a lot of investigation, adaptation, and development before they came up with a technology, a machine that could cover the existing demand.

Furthermore, the company spent one year testing the machine before its launch into the national and international market.
KERAJET has successfully developed textile digital printing technologies able to reduce water use, energy consumption, and costs.

KERAJET has already installed equipment in Spain, Brazil, Turkey, US and Pakistan, among others.


Since its founding in 1998, KERAjet has never ceased to grow, evolve reinventing every day to provide the most effective solutions for the digital printing world. The digital printing machines for textiles are the most advanced and versatile on the market, offering a more efficient and competent production process.