TVE-ESCALE offers specific solutions for wet textile finishings. TVE-ESCALE is the result of the merger between TEXTILE VACUUM EXTRACTOR CO. (USA) and SISTEMES INDUSTRIALS ESCALE, S.A. (SPAIN), two leading companies that combined synergies with the aim of developing a new generation of textile machinery.

With over 30 years’ experience, continued improvement of its products and a history of outstanding customer service and reliability, TVE-ESCALE is now present in 5 continents.

TVE-ESCALE has positioned itself as a world leader in vacuum and submerged suction technology.

We have achieved this through our advanced technologies and innovative thinking with respect to the processes of washing, bleaching and dyeing. As a result we have become a benchmark in the global textile industry.

TVE-ESCALE Solutions

  • Open-width continuous lines
  • Jiggers
  • Hydra: High-performance semi-continuous process for the preparation and washing of open-width fabrics
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Other engineers solutions

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TVE-ESCALE Innovations

New efficient machine for textile pre-treatment and washing processes, based on the development of a new concept of equipment for the discontinuous washing and pre-treatment of wide fabrics for the textile industry.

The objective of the project has consisted in the development of a textile pre-treatment and washing system capable of reducing process times, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing performance with respect to existing equipment for discontinuous washing of fabrics. The project has covered the design and dimensioning work, the construction of the first prototype, the performance of functional tests and, finally, the reengineering and final definition of the new equipment. The development carried out has been based on the design and construction of a prototype capable of housing the different systems aimed at improving the process and its productivity. Through the introduction of two vacuum systems based on a suction tube for drying and a suction tube for the forced flow of the bath, together acting with other conventional systems for washing, it has been possible to develop equipment capable of providing a considerable reduction in processing time and a decrease in water and energy consumption.

TVE-ESCALE Hydra Washing process